Hi! I’m Ani Holcomb and I’m owner of Away We Go Travel Consultants. This is my little space where I get to tell the world how awesome I am… I’ll try to keep it brief 😁. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Florida International University with a Bachelors in Geography, a minor in International Relations, another in Religious Studies and another in Caribbean and Latin American Studies…talk about not wasting your undergrad credits! I also have a Masters in Counseling and Psychology from the University of Western Alabama. Professionally I’ve worked as a high school geography teacher and as a high school counselor. Semi-professionally I’ve worked as a stay-at-home mom, wife and pet snuggler.


I have a weakness for toile, collect chinoiserie pottery, love all things garden, stop at every hydrangea, tulip, poppy, and peony I see. Paris is my favorite city. But feel most at home in the countryside. Mora clocks make my heart skip a beat. I love tea parties. I love collecting old china. Birds and the color pink make me smile. My favorite hobby other than traveling and dreaming of traveling is restoring old furniture. I have yet to meet an old piece of furniture I don’t want to sand down and paint. I still think my husband of 18 years is the bees knees. My kids are my most precious blessing. And Jesus Christ is my hero.

My agency is based off a cooperative travel consultant model. I am sole owner of my business, however I work alongside a group of other consultants. Our team is made up of four independent consultants, each small-business owners that are contract workers for one successful umbrella agency owner. The main agency is also a small business, which has now been established for many years and is thriving. Together, we assist one another with information on places, cruises, tours, etc. that we each have our own particular expertise. This model works well because vendors see us as a cumulatively successful business team, therefore are willing to work in ways that allow us to have access to to best deals out in the travel market. Another advantage is that it allows us to collectively pool our knowledge of travel, making us a strong force in the industry.