Hi, I’m Ani Holcomb, bona fide geography-nerd and self-proclaimed travel expert! I am the owner of what I hope becomes, for you, a trusted business, where your travel dreams spin into reality! For those that know me, you know I love to travel; for those that don’t – hi…I’m Ani and I love to travel! I’ve decided to turn this infatuation into a career. I know – it sounds rough 😉, but hear me out; what I really want to do is to get YOU out there to experience, or keep experiencing, all the amazing places this world has to offer! I want you to fall madly in love with this planet and I want to be able to share in that joy with you!

I’m currently entering a new season of life. My kids are both now in school and by the grace of God, I am feeling better than I have in years. Since I was a small child, one thing I have loved is traveling. I barely traveled anywhere outside of a book until age 21, but when I finally did, I knew it would be a lifetime love affair. I even decided to find a practical way to study this world, so I got a Bachelors degree in Geography, hehe. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t the most “practical” degree out there, but I was able to use it to teach geography to high school students and hopefully pump kids up with a love for all of the complexities and cultures that make our planet such a marvel.
I’ve also been fortunate enough to travel to dozens of different countries in different regions around the world. The impact this has had on me cannot be overstated. On the days that I’ve struggled with just getting one foot in front of the other, a memory like swimming in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia will pop to mind, or kissing a llama high in the mountains of Peru, or watching the Eiffel Tower twinkle outside my bedroom window. These and thousands of other unforgettable memories have have been the thoughts that pushed me through. I treasure all of these moments and they collectively help make up a big part of my story. I realize the power that travel, and a change of perspective can have, and I want to be able to help people add to their stories with the places their hearts have longed to visit .
So, whether you’re a novice or seasoned traveler, I want to share this passion for discovery and adventure with you. I would also love to share the knowledge I have gained through my professional studies and thousands of hours of research, from years of different travel adventures with my husband, and more recently, with our two children. I truly would be honored to help you make your dreams become a reality.
So what services will I be providing? First, let me start off by making it clear that my services are FREE TO YOU. Yes, you heard that right! But how? Well, because I’m a humanitarian. Okay, not really, the reason (though I am one): It’s because my commission is paid by the hotels, cruises, tours, etc. that I book. I work strictly for you, but they know I’ll do my research and help you pick what’s best, so their thanks for choosing them is that they pay me. It’s basically just businesses competing for business. Regardless of commission, though, I will always book what’s best for you based on your travel wishes. I can coordinate your entire trip from beginning to end, book your flights, cruise, resort, hotel, tours, etc. I can create a custom itinerary just for you if you want one. I can pre-book any type of transport, excursions, shows, spas, restaurants, activities, etc. that you will need while you’re adventuring. I can even help you with how to pack, based on where you are going, or explain the special laws you might encounter where you are heading, or help you plan in advance for any special needs you have while traveling. See? I love travel and I love talking about this stuff, and I genuinely want you to have the best time ever!
Okay, so you are probably wondering, “Well, what about budgets?” I’ll let you know up front that I’m not here to become a Fortune 500 business. You tell me what you want, and I will work hard to find you the best deal I can. If you find a great deal, but you want me to book it for you, I will always talk to my vendors to see if we can negotiate a price match.
Ultimately, I want you to have extraordinarily fun experiences with your family and friends! Or, to take that much-needed couples getaway! Or, to make memories to share with your kids! I believe this is something that can be attained within all kinds of budgets. I look at travel experiences as personal investments. I know that there is no dollar amount I could ever put on those memories that will surely last a lifetime. Likewise, I want your vacation to be a wise investment into something special and something you’ll feel good about, for a lifetime. In the end, I don’t want you to spend your money with a mass-market travel website with an 1-800 number, that is not invested in you or the outcome of your experience.
Ok, so if you have read this far…you rock!!! Thank you for hearing out my vision. I’m very excited for what God has in store for Away We Go Travel Consultants. I hope you decide to give us a try next time you are conjuring up your next getaway, be it a family weekend at Disney, a month exploring Europe, or something totally unique we can create just for you. Whatever your adventure may be, why not let your adventure begin with us?